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30+ Days with COVID-19 — How’s Arbitrage weathering the storm?

COVID-19 — You had me… But only for a short while.
$8,630,000 Successfully Secured for our Buyers & Sellers by Arbitrage!

I got slammed to the ground.  In fact, our entire office did!  Our phones went dead and practically all our buyers and sellers began to panic.  What the hell is this virus and how did it just close everything down so quickly!  At first, I wished I was in the toilet paper business — yah right.  But in all seriousness, it was a total shock factor early last month.   

After 4 or 5 days of living the “WTF life”, I knew it was time to change the thought pattern and to battle the storm — IMMEDIATELY.  A storm, by definition, is “a disturbance of the normal condition”.  Storms don’t last.. neither will this virus!  Understanding this has allowed us grasp a new methodology on how to approach real estate on a whole new spectrum – not only during these crazy times, but to embrace technology like no other.  It has allowed us to discover alternative methods which can not only help us fight through today’s challenging and “virus-affected” mindset but to also implement a new way of helping buyers “buy” and sellers “sell” while reaping the benefits of what lenders are currently offering and what most have ignored.

By “choosing” to think differently and introducing (and embracing) new concepts to the marketplace, I’m pleased to announce that we have successfully secured $8,630,000 in sales.  Best of all, NOT A SINGLE transaction has fallen apart or cancelled and each and every one of them is scheduled to close.  Interestingly, ALL of them will be experiencing a delay in closing — mostly as a direct result of the impact the lenders have had to deal with because of the shut down and mayhem they’ve experienced.  Fortunately, all our buyers and sellers are working with each other to keep each transaction intact while understanding the worldwide pandemic was an issue we’re all dealing with.

We have weathered well and I feel that the future does hold a positive outcome.  The stock market has rallied aggressively while tethered to consumer sentiment which continues strong through the inception of the 2nd quarter.  Our ties with our local lender partners has allowed us to provide our buyers and sellers with the best rates and programs available to them.  We also have nearly $13,500,000 in inventory ready to be deployed in the coming weeks.  If you want to position yourself accordingly as a buyer, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about our upcoming properties – most of which are not listed on our website or on any other public platform.

I also want to thank you for helping us introduce InstanTour – a newly branded showing concept which embraces safety measures like no other while securing both selling and buying parties.  Since we launched it last week, it has resonated well among those that understand the value and the measures taken to protect all parties involved.  We’re currently in the process of making it a national branding concept and practice used among our peers in the industry with the hopes of protecting as many people as possible.  We’ll know soon how that future unfolds.  

Lastly, being quarantined, all Arbitrage agents are safe, healthy and available to take on your calls, questions, and to even help you with your buying or selling goals.   You can reach us anytime by calling 818-FOR-SALE (818-367-7253) or by contacting any one of my team members with any questions at any time.

Respectfully (and protectively),