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Here are a few testimonials from our many satisfied clients:




"I have known Albert for about 20 years now. Ever since I can remember,  he had a mind for marketing. He always put his outside the box theories and strategies into play when it came to marketing. He has incorporated his marketing mind in the real estate industry and has been very successful in selling homes quicker than one can imagine. He has been a Pioneer in kick starting a few marketing ideas in the industry and has been very effective in implementing those strategies in his business. He has always been a mentor to me and assisted me in many transactions."
  -- A.B.

"The staff here, are very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. They make, buying a home, a wonderful experience. They also have a team who is capable of negotiating any type of deal! Albert is a mastermind! A plus!"
-- N.I.

"Albert is just amazing.  He spends as much time as needed with his clients to make sure they get the best service imaginable. Not once did we ever feel pressured to make a haste decision.  He's knowledgeable, patient, and actually pretty humorous.  We would definitely recommend him to all our family and friends.  We won't think twice about  buying our next home from him again.  Thank you Albert and the entire team at Arbitrage!!!"
-- R.K.

"Albert's knowledge and expertise are incredible! He is great negotiator, while always remaining calm and professional. After being in business for over 20 years, he knows the market inside and out. #expert"
-- B.M.

"Albert is definitely the best broker out there! If you are ever looking to sell or buy a home, I recommend contacting Albert! His knowledge and passion about real estate allows him to be the absolute best. He is devoted to all his clients and is there every step of the way! He makes the process of buying or selling a house, simple and easy for all his clients! Don't hesitate and give Albert a call!!"
-- M.B.

"Albert is an expert and innovator in the Real Estate world. His experience and insight have helped me and I know countless others in maximizing their NET in Real Estate. He has a no nonsense approach to enabling the consumer to reach their goals and fast. I recommend contacting him today whether you are a buyer, seller or investor."
-- J.N.

"Very pleased with the service that I received from Arbitrage. Exceptional and knowledgeable in every turn in the real estate field.  Super diligent and communicative throughout the whole thing from start to finish. Thank you Albert. You really make real estate experience a breeze!!!"
-- A.A.

"Albert knows the real estate market in the Glendale area like the back of his hand.  His newsletter is not only informational but interesting to read with lots of photos.  If you are buying or selling he is the best."
-- J.J.

"I had Alpert help me purchase an investment home in 2010.  He created a real easy purchase process and answered all my questions.  Since my purchase of this Glendale home I have rented this home 64 out of 70 months successfully since I have owned this home.  He gave me confidence in my purchase."
-- M.H.

"When deciding to sell our home, we decided to call Albert, as he had a reputation as a top real estate agent in our community for the past 20+ years.  Upon interview, and hearing of his strategies, my wife and I quickly resonated to his style, experience, and "passion" to sell our house.  A few highlights in working with Albert and his team:  He is extremely extremely quick with his follow through.   His marketing is top notch and unique.  He has all the systems and processes in place and made our experience professional and smooth. He really knows the market, strategic selling prices, and the whole "game".   We felt protected as he was not afraid to get tough when he felt we were being taken advantage of.  He is fully open to trying new things and being creative, especially with open houses and marketing materials.  He is available 24 hrs a day (he worked on a few deals while in Panama on vacation.).  He has a very attentive and professional team, and it was great to have his team perform follow up calls to buyers/agents.  At the end, we realized what a complex, tiring, and emotional process selling a home is, and were glad we worked with a professional team who was really on the cutting edge of the whole "game". Much thanks Arbitrage."
  -- H.O.

"Albert is the best agent out there!! He makes the experience of buying a house so simple and easy!! Would recommend to anyone and everyone!! Thank you for all your help Albert you are the best!"
-- V.K.

"Albert is extremely knowledgeable and conducts himself with integrity and professionalism. He works very hard to get the job done right for you and is able to tackle any challenge that comes his way. Don't think twice, Albert is our guy and should be yours too!"
-- A.M.

"When I was faced with the responsibility of selling my parents' beloved home in the Rossmoyne neighborhood of Glendale, I was initially intimidated by the potential complexity of the process and my inability to read the market as a relative novice to real estate transactions. So many important decisions to be made! And, I brought with me a fairly cynical attitude about all the ways the experience could go badly, from agents to buyers to escrow companies. I knew that more than anything, I needed to find an agent I could *trust*, one who would find me both the right kind of buyers, as well as securing me the best possible price. It was a fairly emotional process for me, and I took my time interviewing top agents throughout the Glendale area.

I ended up choosing Albert and Arbitrage for several reasons, but mostly because he gained my *trust.* He understood my position and that I was selling a beloved family home. He didn't apply any pressure for me to quickly sign with him, and answered a long list of questions that I had about him and his strategy for selling such a home in the present market. And I even followed up by phone with several prior Arbitrage clients, and found his reputation to be sterling.

My home admittedly had some rough edges, and I wanted to make some smart upgrades to help its appeal and selling price. I couldn't live with it being in the "fixer-upper" category. So Albert gave me excellent advice on exactly what upgrades I should make, and more importantly, what *not* to invest big dollars into. Ultimately, it took more than a year to clear out the house and make a few upgrades. Albert was endlessly patient with me throughout, waiting until I was comfortable and ready.

And once ready, Albert's fine marketing team commenced with prepping and photographing the house, generating top-shelf printed materials and web pages. The open house was a great success, with high foot traffic, and multiple offers were fielded within a week. And within 10 days, we had multiple qualified offers above asking price! (if you want me to include something about you green lighting my asking price over what you wanted, I can) What a wonderful feeling it was to be sitting on great offers after so much thought and preparation. I knew I had made the right choice with Albert and Arbitrage.

I'll always be glad I took such care in selling my parents' home, and received such high value for it. In the end I was probably what real estate professionals would consider to be a "high maintenance" client. Albert never made me feel that way, though. I give Albert Hairapetian and Arbitrage my highest possible recommendation."
  -- A.A.

"Albert is "The Best" agent that you could wish for,  he took care of us and made us feel like we were family. He is incredibly professional and has a fabulous follow through from the start to the finish.  We would highly recommend him to any customer in a heartbeat!  Many thanks to you Albert!"
-- H.T.

"My wife and I approached Albert through a referral and from the beginning I knew that our relationship with Arbitrage was going to be productive. We just received our keys to our first home. After looking at houses for over a year(mostly with different agents) with very specific needs we finally found our dream home and put our first offer. Albert from Arbitrage contacted me and we set a game plan how we are going to get the house. There were a lot of interest in the house the first day it went on the market. We saw the house on Saturday and put an offer first thing Monday morning. The guys from Arbitrage had all the paperwork ready Monday morning for us. After putting our offer, we found out that there were 23 other offers on the table and ours was not the highest. We talked about it and thought that our offer is very solid and in no time did.  Albert suggested that we go higher. I felt that I decided how much I wanted to spend on the house and I was not in any way pressured by Albert. He trusted in my offer and I trusted him to present the offer in best way possible. After 24 offers, ours was accepted. Few highlights that I feel need to be point out.

Albert always answered my questions and kept our communication open at all time.
He was honest with me from the beginning. 
During escrow, Albert was always available for inspections and anytime I needed to look at the place.
He even went out of his way to water the lawn when he could, front and backyard. That alone shows that these guys wanted to save me money and headache.

In closing, my wife and I were extremely pleased with the whole process. Give these guys a call and talk to them for 5 min and you will know that your process can be as painless as it can get. 

I will always recommend you guys to my friends and family."
  -- G.A.

"I admire Albert's professionalism!  It was a great experience to walk in the door and be welcome by him and his staff..  They go above and beyond the call of duty.  The only thing I had to do was sign the paperwork and rest the was as easy as 1-2-3.  If you are looking to make your next move and want to make it easy and painless, please give them a call.  They rock!!!"
-- M.A.

"Albert is a LEGEND AGENT that knows the needs of buyers and sellers more then any Real Estate professional I ever know."
-- M.V.

"Working with Albert was a great experience. Very pleased with results."
-- I.A.

"Amazing office. Always a pleasure working with Albert and his team."

"I trust Albert to do the right thing for me and any real estate needs. Experience and caring for a clients needs are some of the few things that separate Albert from others."

"Albert is definitely one of the best agents in our community! He is extremely professional and has so much knowledge and experience in Real Estate. His passion towards helping his clients allows him to go above and beyond and makes the entire processes as stress free as he can for his clients. If your are ever looking for an agent to help you sell or buy your home, give Albert a call!"
-- M.B.

"Have had great experiences both buying and selling with Albert. He always has a firm understanding of the market and gives great advice!"
-- K.B.

"Albert and his staff are total pros. They will make you a priority and ensure your transaction is handled quickly and painlessly. I am a repeat customer. Thanks Albert!"
-- D.Y.

"Albert was great throughout the entire transaction. First rate service. I recommend Arbitrage to all of my family and friends."
-- D.S.

"Albert and his team at Arbitrage have been building their expertise in the Glendale real estate market over decades. I recall Albert diving into the real estate business back in 1998 and he's never looked back since. When I want to find a property in Glendale, there is no one I'd rather be my guide and ally than Albert."
-- T.P.

"Albert sold my house in three days with a offer over asking price and the entire process was easy & seamless. I've worked with him for many years for one reason, he is the best at what he does."
  -- J.B.

"WOW! What can I possibly say to describe the amazing experience I had working with Albert? He was extremely helpful and made the overall journey exciting and fun, rather than stressful. He was very professional, driven, and focused on helping me get my house sold. I definitely recommend Albert and Arbitrage to anyone looking to sell their homes."
-- S.H.

"We hired Albert to sell our home in Sierra Madre, CA. Everything was going swimmingly until a very delicate easement issue threatened to derail our plans to sell the house and move on. It was Albert's knowledgeability and professionalism that saved the day! Due to his stellar work, he has represented us in every real estate transaction since. Albert's personal and professional etiquette is like no other. Placing your trust in him as your realtor is a guaranteed win-win."
  -- D.B.

"Whether you are buying or selling your home, Albert at Arbitrage Real Estate Group is who you want handling the deal. Albert brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and a laser focused work ethic. He and his team really give you their 100% and it translates to 100% results. Thanks for everything Albert, you're the best!"
-- A.M.

"Albert has an incredible work ethic as well as a kind and empathetic personality. When I needed a moving truck.... he offered his free. Who does that? You were there when I needed help. Thank you Arbitrage!!"
-- C.P.

"I had an amazing experience with Arbitrage. As a business owner whom is constantly traveling, my time was very limited and Albert and his team made sure to appreciate my time as if it were their own. I was happy to find an amazing property and would highly recommend working with the Arbitrage."
-- R.J.

Our experience with Albert was simply AMAZING! Having owned our home for just over a decade, we wanted the Top performer in our area to carry us through the sale. We definitely made the correct choice when we decided to go with Albert.

He not only got is what we were asking for, he got us 5 offers and we ended up accepting one $55,000 over our asking price. His marketing was novel and his negotiating tactics were aggressive yet on target.

Albert looked after us like family and was responsive at any given hour throughout the day. We had heard a lot about him through both family and friends and never thought our experience would surpass what we expected. We would recommend him 100% without question, without doubt and without hesitation!!!"
-- Z.V.

"It is an absolute pleasure to work with Albert at Arbitrage and it always feels like you are dealing with a trusted friend. No matter the question you may pose to him, be assured that he will provide one or two solid responses to facilitate your business decisions. I have always left our conversations with plenty of good information and a great laugh or two!"
-- M.D.

"When I decided to sell a rental house I had owned for 40 years, I asked my neighbors who had just sold their home how they liked their realtor. They said he had sold multiple properties for members of their family, that he had exceeded their expectations, and that they all loved Albert Hairapetian. They said, use him, you'll love Albert! And I did.

This was my first time selling a house. Albert's enthusiasm and confidence in his "system" - his marketing techniques and process - were contagious from the start and he proved its effectiveness and his abilities by the results he produced. It turned out there are many good reasons why Albert is a top real estate agent in our community and elsewhere. He is so knowledgeable, informative, and he listens! He took the time to answer my 50 questions, with patience. He is easy to work with, easy to reach, reliable, and in the end proved to be protective without broadcasting that fact.

He used his expertise to boost my selling price outcome by 10% plus, thereby more than paying for himself and Arbitrage's services. And he earned every penny. He did a Wonderful job! I absolutely recommend Albert and his team, and plan to use him again. Thank you, Albert! It's been a pleasure!!"
  -- K.K.

"Albert recently helped us sell our condo in Burbank for top dollar and then helped us find and negotiate a great deal in this hot over-priced market for a beautiful new house, no not house, our new home. We couldn't be happier with Albert's services. I've known and worked with Albert over 20 years now and his record is immaculate. Here is a picture of our family the day we got the key!"
-- G.B.

"I have worked with Albert and his crew at Arbitrage Real Estate Group on a number of transactions and they are just absolutely amazing to work with. Their professionalism is evident the moment you meet them and they're the types of people that just "get it", and won't fill you with a bunch of B.S. just to get you to sign a contract.

Their straight to the point (no nonsense) approach is exactly what we like and they've gotten the job done each and every occasion. On our last transaction, where offer stood above the rest. They know how to represent, execute and close. Albert was instrumental in not only acquiring the best bidders, but also knowledgeable enough to carry his buyers all the way through the finish line.

Thank you Albert & Arbitrage for always being straight forward, direct and creating novel ideas for this industry.

Until our next transaction....."
  -- T.F.

"Knowledgeable, supportive, intelligent, kind and professional are a few words that can describe the owner of Arbitrage! Glad we have been colleagues and friends for 15 years and many more to come. Thank you for your great advice always! Arbitrage Real Estate is a professional office you should use for your next transaction and the owner Albert Hairapetian is a great guy! This is a review long time coming and well deserved!"
-- J.D.

"What a pleasure working with Albert and his team. They were to the point. Professional. Took care of my clients superbly.
Referring a broker business could be very scary because for their wrong doing we get the bad review as well. However closed eyes I will refer Albert business over and over. He holds high ethical values. Is quick. Always a step ahead. And a great listener."
-- A.S.

"Albert and his team at Arbitrage are just "ON IT"!!! I've watched Albert sell homes for several years and never really had the opportunity to work with him until recently --- He's absolutely brilliant.

This guy doesn't rest. He's always hungry to improve his business and client experience while balancing not only his business, but his personal life as well. He's the same "Albert" both in the office and outside of it to.

I've had the pleasure of knowing him for nearly 6 years and have never felt more comfortable working with someone who's always full of respect, ideas, and morals.

If you're looking for a TOP GUN Realtor... don't hesitate! Call Albert and you'll see what I'm talking about!"
  -- M.A.

"Albert spends as much time as needed with his clients to make sure they get the best service imaginable. Not once did we ever feel pressured to make a haste decision. He's knowledgeable, patient, and actually pretty humorous.

We would definitely recommend him to all our family and friends. We won't think twice about buying our next home from him again.

Thank you Albert and the entire team at Arbitrage!!!"
-- R.G.

“Albert Hairapetian is a professional real estate broker with years of experience, strong knowledge base, excellent negotiation and people skills. When we sold our house in Glendale back in 2011, Albert demonstrated complete control of the entire process of that transaction without any problems and delays. I would strongly recommend Albert Hairapetian and his entire team at Arbitrage Real Estate Group to any interested individuals who are thinking about selling and buying real estate, since you can be assured that Albert will deliver outstanding and real results by his hard work, commitment, and dedication, and I am speaking from my own experience.”
-- V.S.

“I had a very tight time-frame to sell my house since already purchasing another home. I knew the real estate market was slow and the lending environment was starting to collapse. I had to go with an agent that I knew sold homes and sold them fast. Albert was a professional from start to finish. Albert got me top dollar for my home and his attention to details made sure we closed escrow on time. Thank you, Albert!”
-- C.N.

"Worked with Albert on several real estate transactions and would highly recommend him. The man knows his real estate and is very passionate about it. He is a great connector and will get you what you are looking for."
-- T.G.

“I couldn’t ask for a better real estate agent. Albert was not only extremely knowledgeable in real estate, he was able to help recommend some things for me to do to increase my property value. With Albert as my real estate agent, I was able to sell my house in less than 6 days. I would strongly recommend anyone looking to sell or buy a house to go to Albert Hairapetian. You will not be disappointed.”
-- K.S.

“Choosing a real estate agent to help you buy/sell a house is a very tough decision. The agent must be trustworthy and professional. Albert has both these qualities and much more! He makes the process of buying/selling very simple. Thank you, Albert for all your help!”
-- E.T.

“Albert is the best agent out there!! He makes the experience of buying a house so simple and easy!! Would recommend to anyone and everyone!! Thank you for all your help Albert you are the best!"
-- D.F.

“Albert and his team were the best realtors we had ever worked with and that is saying a great deal as I was in real estate sales myself some years ago. When it came time to sell our home we thought we would have to spend several thousand dollars fixing it up to put on the market but Albert said we only needed to do a few small and not very expensive things. He sold our home quickly, close to asking price, and with no difficulties. He also brought us wonderful buyers which made the whole experience even more pleasant. We now live part of the year in Illinois and part in New Orleans, La. and I can tell you we could surely use Albert’s innovative and successful marketing practices in these areas. It was a pleasure to work with the Arbitrage Group.”
-- T.N.

“When I walked into his office I was very pleasantly greeted. Can’t say I wasn’t impressed since I totally was. Selling your first home is a very emotional experience and I was looking for a bit of understanding as well as personal touch. The sale of my home was very quick and it did go for over asking price just like he promised. From start to finish him and his team made me feel like a valued customer. I’m looking forward to many more transactions with him.”
-- P.Y.