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FREE Home For Arbitrage Clients

We just purchased and remodeled a $1MM+ home just for our valued Clients!

I’m pretty sure this is probably the BIGGEST announcements I’ve ever made in my career. In fact, it’s valued over 7 figures and we did it exclusively for our buyers and sellers so that nobody is EVER left without a home!

That’s right! We just purchased, remodeled and furnished an entire single family home just for YOU in the event you ever need a roof over your head as you transition from your buying and selling experience. I’ve NEVER heard anyone ever do this! I’m proud to tell you that we did all this just for YOU!

For years, I’ve heard people panic over the thought of selling and buying and getting stuck without a home in the transition. Well, at Arbitrage, for nearly 23 years, NOT a single seller or buyer has ever been left homeless. But, just to ease the concern, we purchased, fully renovated and completely furnished this entire 2,100+ square foot prime Glendale home just for the added piece of mind!

Leave all your stuff packed and in storage. This single story home is equipped with all the beds, furniture, sheets, towels, pillows, ironing board, hair dryer, frying pan, WiFi… YOU NAME IT! It even has a pool, spa, and Foosball table for you and your kids to enjoy. It can sleep up to 8 people and best of all, we welcome pets too!
Why lock yourself into a lease, a small apartment that doesn’t even allow pets or an expensive short term rental when we hold the keys to this amazing home right in our office? It was meant for you to use and enjoy in the event you ever need it.

Best of all, it can sleep up to 8 people! To top if off, it’s absolutely FREE when you buy and sell your next home with Arbitrage Real Estate Group!

There you have it… just another added perk for working with us which will never cost you a single penny more — Guaranteed!

Have an awesome day,