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Arbitrage Preferred Buyer Program

What is the Arbitrage Preferred Buyer Program?

Buying a home in the hot Southern California Real Estate market can be frustrating without the right Realtor on your side. Albert Hairapetian has developed the Arbitrage Preferred Buyer Program with his 20 years experience in this extremely competitive market to protect the Buyers he represents and serve their best interests.

Albert Hairapetian's Preferred Buyer Program is a promise to expertly enact the services that his Buyers are entitled to. Unlike other agencies, this is not a gimmick to try to sell to you. It is strictly what you can expect of Albert's representation of his Buyers.



To see what Albert's clients REALLY feel about him and his services:

VIP Treatment

The very first step of the Program is to tell us exactly what you are looking for in a home. By telling us the location, features, price range, specific neighborhoods, and other features you want, we begin the search for your home. We utilize every possible resource to find a home that matches your preferences. Here at Arbitrage we go above and far beyond a simple MLS search. With over 20 years experience in the Real Estate Industry, Albert has pieced together an intricate network of reliable Realtors and other connections he can reach to find not only off-market listings, but also company owned properties, bank foreclosures, and distressed properties.

The best part is you get this exclusive information before any other buyer. When we find you a home that you like, you get priority access to the home. This first-mover advantage gives us the unique opportunity to negotiate the lowest possible price. NO MORE wasting your precious time going to and viewing homes that don't meet your preferences. Get a crucial advantage over other buyers who are stuck looking at outdated information in flyers, newspapers, and online listings.

Albert is renowned for his persistent, strategic negotiating techniques that ultimately result in success. His extensive knowledge in real estate allows Albert to accurately evaluate a price for your chosen home and get you the most home for your dollar. During the negotiation process, Albert makes it a priority to protect you from costly traps or pitfalls. He is determined to get you the very best deal possible.


Not Happy?

If you move into your new home and are unhappy with your purchase, we will buy your home ALL CASH or sell it for FREE. Too often, Realtors close on a deal and vanish on their clients. At Arbitrage, we put a strong emphasis on building a lasting relationship with our clients and want you to feel comfortable knowing that we have your back before, during, and after finding you a home.

Why would we offer to buy back your home or sell it for free? We value the relationship with you and made a vow to serve your best interests. Buying back your home ALL CASH pays off all existing loans on the property and ALL proceeds from the sale are in the form of a check from escrow that you can cash and use immediately. We would sell it free of charge so that we can get you what you truly desire.

We Market YOU

Here at Arbitrage, we utilize our tested and highly successful marketing campaigns to ensure the highest levels of exposure and response for homes that we sell. Our intricate marketing strategies have been selling homes for over 20 years, and now we apply these extremely effective strategies for our exclusive Buyers.


Not only do we target the off-market listings, bank foreclosures, and distressed properties, we also market YOU as eligible, qualified Buyers to homeowners that will consider selling to you. These homes we target are not even for sale yet. We market you to these potential sellers before ANYONE ELSE even gets a whiff that their home is being sold to you.

Premium Print Marketing

We professionally design and print personalized print brochures that advertise YOU as desirable Buyers to homes that are not yet for sale. Since we prioritize top-tier marketing, we decided to start our very own professional-grade printing company -- Doing so has benefited our clients immensely as we are in full control of production, timing, and print quality. We know that timing is everything in real estate and have developed the luxury of monitoring and utilizing our own printing services. All of our print marketing is direct mailed to up to 15,000 homes at a time. In addition to the direct mail delivery, we also email out our print marketing to our 16,000+ contacts for them to view and print out for themselves.

Digital Marketing

Our marketing campaign is an attack on all fronts to gain as much exposure and response as possible. In our ever advancing society, social media marketing is crucial to gain the highest and best results. At Arbitrage, we stress the importance of marketing via social media and utilize every medium possible. We actively run a business page for Arbitrage Real Estate Group on Facebook and on Instagram. Albert also actively runs his own personal Facebook and Instagram. We have 4 pages where we regularly update our 5 THOUSAND followers when Buyers like YOU are looking for a home. Our Facebook ads consistently generate over 12 THOUSAND impressions PER WEEK. Over the years we have gathered over 16 THOUSAND contacts whom we frequently communicate with. Our response rate is phenomenal due to the trust and loyalty we have developed with our community. Our persistent social media marketing campaigns have over QUADRUPLED the average traffic to our website. Our easy to navigate and visually stunning website visitors can expect the highest quality experience from beginning to end. If desired, we can even create a custom page on our website that is dedicated to YOU! Your custom page can be printed on your premium mailed brochures and linked to all your social media ads to even further maximize the reach and response to you being a motivated Buyer. We want your experience with us to be impressive, enjoyable, and everlasting. The more impressions via direct mail, social media, and email campaigns, the more exposure for YOU!









We Make it Stress FREE

Once Albert secures the best deal for you, he will assist you in locating the most sensible financing for you. He will also oversee all inspections, appraisals, escrow, and title services with reliable, efficient firms. The process of buying a home should be stress-free with an experienced Realtor. Albert will be by your side, fighting for your benefit every step of the way. His services will make you feel comfortable and allow you to focus on other important tasks during your move.


Contact us NOW to begin your STRESS FREE move!Send us a message and we’ll get right back in touch.

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