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Guaranteed Sales Program

The ARBITRAGE GUARANTEED SALE PROGRAM is simple, straightforward and has been a highly effective and utilized tool by home sellers.  We’ve seen many people try to replicate our concept thinking it’s some kind of hoax.  Over the last 23 years, Albert has personally purchased well over 200 properties.  The Hairapetian Home Selling System has helped many families get the most for their home in any given market.  How many Realtors will put their neck on the line to guarantee your home will sell or they’ll buy it themselves?

Put Albert’s proven system to work for you to maximize the value your home has in today’s market and get the results you deserve and the price that he can guarantee.


A Quick Summary of the Benefits:

  • If we don’t sell your home, your home will be purchased for cash – meaning, any existing loans on your property are paid in full and you receive ALL of the proceeds from the sale in the form of a check from escrow that you can cash and use immediately.
  • “Provable Market Value” for your real estate will be established using the certified appraisal method of Market Valuation (at no cost to seller). If your home does not sell on the open market, your property will be purchased by our guaranteed sales amount.



“How can you possibly GUARANTEE the sale of a property?”

The biggest reason we are able to guarantee a sale is because we, mostly Albert, sell 95% of the properties we place on the market for sale. Our success rate minimizes our risks.

“What is a “Guarantor”?”

A guarantor is the person who must purchase the property if we fail to successfully sell a property that we’ve guaranteed to sell. Albert Hairapetian is the lead individual of our Guaranteed Sale Program, and acts as personal guarantor.

“How many homes have you Guaranteed-To-Sell?”

Since 2004, we have offered this program to over 120 homeowners!

“How many homes have you actually purchased from home sellers when the properties failed to sell on the market?”

Albert Hairapetian has personally purchased two properties that failed to sell on the open market – all other 100+ properties that we’ve guaranteed to sell were SOLD during the time we marketed the properties for sale. Best of all, we have independently purchased over 150 homes. We’re not afraid to commit to any purchase!

“Why would you offer to Guarantee the Sale of a Seller’s Property?”

  1. Eliminates a home seller’s risk of not selling.
  2. Eliminates a home seller’s risk of owning two homes.
  3. Eliminates a home seller’s risk of owning no home at all.
  4. Marketing a home with a guarantee in place can be the most productive arrangement for the home seller and agent, because we share common goals that include:

Goal #1: Money – The Goal is to get you the most amount of money from your real estate on the open market.

Goal #2: Time – The entire process must happen within a predetermined and acceptable period of time. A GUARANTEED SALE PROGRAM can be an answer to a seller’s short/medium & long range planning.

Goal #3: Convenience and Lowered Stress Level….by avoiding hassles and surprises down the road involved with your move. A GUARANTEED SALE PROGRAM provides the ultimate security for the home seller and further insulates our home selling clients from unnecessary stress.


After we personally view your home, you will receive a written proposal for your review. The proposal will include all terms and provisions specific to your property involved with the GUARANTEED SALE PROGRAM as well as the marketing proposal for your home. If the terms of our proposal make sense for your situation, we’ll immediately begin the process of accomplishing the goals we’ve outlined for you.

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