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Want a BRAND NEW 2019 4 Bedroom/3 Bath home over 3,200 square feet for only $995,000? Here’s your chance!

Here’s another home I just got signed up.  Here’s a video of me going over a few things just as the photography and video session ended.

This property is NOT on the market and consists of 4 bedrooms/5 baths and and whopping 3,227 square feet!  The lot is a flat 9,000 square feet with a private driveway.  To top it off, the construction ended in 2019 (yes, that’s not typo — that’s a brand new home that was completed  THIS YEAR!).

Best of all, I’m having it priced at only $995,000!  (That’s not a typo either).

Why so low?  Well, the sellers want me to get this in escrow before Thanksgiving.  And for those reaching for a calculator, that amounts to ONLY $308.34/Sq. Ft.  Good luck trying to purchase a piece of land and build your home for that price!  Oh and there’s a thing called “soft costs” and “holding costs” as you go through the building (and waiting) process.  I think you get the point.

Call 818-FOR-SALE to be the first ones in this place before it’s too late….
That’s 818-367-7253.

Have an awesome Tuesday!

Albert M. Hairapetian

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