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The Arbitrage Coronavirus (Covid-19) Success Plan!

I have probably typed (and deleted) 6 different versions of an opening paragraph about this topic and finally convinced myself to “just let it out” so, here it goes…

The Coronavirus has impacted not only our community, but also our city, our state, our country and practically our entire planet. Schools have shut down, travel has canceled, food in local groceries are emptied and things have just gone freakin’ crazy. It’s time to RELAX!

People are reacting to people’s behavior and have allowed this mayhem to conjure up something completely unnecessary. The toilet paper craze is a perfect example of how people are influenced by others to panic and to seek measures that are completely unnecessary. I can keep going with this but it may turn insulting.

The good news though, is that with panic comes opportunities. And let me tell you something… a lot of people are going to miss this unless they open their eyes, take their attention off the rolls of toilet paper and seek what’s available to them.

Back in the 2007 financial crisis dip, when everyone was terrified of buying properties and was busy doing short sales and loan modifications Arbitrage was laser focused on helping sellers maximize their net proceeds and buyers to find bargain opportunities. We came up with some unique strategies that set us apart from the rest. All we did is focus on non-distressed properties (since everyone was too fixated on the ones that were going through foreclosures and loan modifications). And guess what? Every single one of our sellers was happy with their final sales price and never felt they were giving their properties away!

Not only were we ranked #1 among others in the entire community, we were setting records while getting featured among Realtors throughout the country. We even set off a record $67,000,000 in sales in one of the slowest years ever (only 2 were shorts sales). We did all this by THINKING DIFFERENTLY and not allowing the masses to convince us otherwise.

I not only bought our next home during this mayhem, I also purchased a couple hundred foreclosed properties. Most didn’t even know what a “trustee sale” was while we were on the court steps buying up homes more easily than people purchasing toilet paper today. People thought I was crazy, nuts, stupid… you name it. The truth is, we KILLED IT… strictly because we thought differently, acted differently and believed differently.

We WILL get through this pandemic issue and we will get back to schools, sporting events, concerts and social gatherings. We will sit back on the toilet with only one roll left as a backup. Eventually, what comes out of this sudden surprise can veer you in two different directions. One is in a state of panic, while the other is a unique set of opportunities that will come and go in a blink of an eye.  Mark my words… “These rates will NOT last!”

You are welcome to join me in this quest. I can assure you that at Arbitrage, for over 2 decades now, we have only paved the road to new opportunities, new techniques and new methods of buying and selling real estate – whether as a home or as an investment.

While we wait for this virus to come to an end (which it will), just use common sense with social distancing. If you feel sick or weak, stay home. Avoid going to public areas if you don’t need to and use “common sense” to help get over this crap… that’s it!

Arbitrage is still showing properties and will still be helping buyers and sellers maximize their buying and selling opportunities. All our staff is very cautious and will be exercising an extreme level of caution during these times while incorporating a lot of technology —  A LOT!!!  Thankfully, we all feel great, nobody is ill, we’re fired up, and look forward to your next sale/purchase.

In the meantime, sit tight for some amazing opportunities and of course… LISTINGS!!!

Albert M. Hairapetian
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