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Results from City of Glendale’s Moratorium to Pass a “Rent Freeze” for 6 months.

If you don't, I respect your decision.  Rather than arguing, let's find a solution that won't hurt tenants, landlords, and of course, Glendale, CA!

I want to take this time to thank you for all the support and help to find a better way to make landlords and tenants seeks a better alternative than to choose Rent Control as a solution for the recent issues we've been facing with recently. Rather than getting into detail, here's a 16 minute video of what transpired from yesterday's meeting and what to expect in the next 3 months.  A special thank you to my friends Vartan Gharpetian, Paula Devine, Ara Najarian, Vrej Agajanian, and Zareh Sinanyan who have worked relentlessly to come up with a resolution.  In my opinion, there still isn't any.  Watch the video for further details...

Warning: Be Prepared to Get Confused...

(p.s. my dates may be off by a day or two)


Here's how to contact your local officials:

Mayor Zareh Sinanyan |

Council Member Vartan Gharpetian | VGharpetian@GlendaleCA.GOV

Council Member Paula Devine |

Council Member Ara Najarian |

Council Member Vrej Agajanian |

Rent Freeze

On November 27, 2018, the Glendale City Council adopted an ordinance imposing a two-month rent freeze commencing on December 27, 2018 and expiring on February 27, 2019 (“Rent Freeze Period”).

  • Generally, for tenancies commencing on or prior to September 18, 2018, the ordinance will require landlords in multifamily units to limit the rents they charge during the Rent Freeze Period to no more than the rent they were charging for a unit on September 18, 2018 plus 5%.
  • For tenancies commencing after September 18, 2018, rents may not exceed the rent at initial tenancy plus 5% during the Rent Freeze Period.  By way of example and not limitation, if a landlord was charging rent of $1,000/mo. for a unit on September 18, 2018 and a rent increase went into effect on October 1, 2018 for $1,200/mo., the landlord must roll back the rent during the Rent Freeze Period to $1,050 (the September 18, 2018 base rent plus 5%).
  • The ordinance will expire on its own terms sixty days after its effective date.

The Council also directed City staff to prepare a right to lease ordinance which will include a requirement for landlords to offer tenants a one-year lease, non-binding hearings for certain rent increases, and the right for the tenant to receive relocation if rent increases exceed a specified percentage per year.