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Arbitrage VIP Buyer Guarantee

In today’s current market finding a home at the right price isn’t an easy feat, which is why a lot of folks are afraid to take the leap into home ownership.

But if you work with Arbitrage Real Estate Group, consider yourself protected! As one of our clients, you are eligible for our “BUYER PROTECTION PLAN*”. Here is how it works:

If you have moved in to your new home and you find you are NOT HAPPY with your purchase – for any reason – WE WILL SHOULDER A HIGHER MEASURE OF ACCOUNTABILITY than the typical real estate agent would. As such, we will actually step up and buy your home back or sell it for free.

NOT HAPPY? We’ll Buy Your Home Back or Sell It For Free!

You see, the typical real estate agent disappears after closing, leaving the client wondering what happened to him/her. In fact, a recent poll from NAR (The National Association of Realtors) indicated that almost 80% of home sellers and buyers wouldn’t call the same agent for a second real estate transaction. The overwhelming reason? POOR COMMUNICATION.

80% is a shocking statistic and frankly, as a committed professional, it embarrasses me. I stand behind YOUR decision to buy, which is why I offer YOU my personal BUYER PROTECTION PLAN* as noted above. I offer it (in writing) to help maintain and protect your investment. I want you to know how committed we are to helping our clients find their dream home.

*Conditions and program guidelines apply. Current market value based on recent sales of similar homes in the neighborhood

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