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Another Excited Family Started Packing Last Week!

We’ve got another home in escrow… and I owe it all to you!

Thanks to our network of buyers, fans, Realtors, and friends, we were able to successfully track down the perfect buyers for this home. All contingencies were removed quite smoothly and we’re getting ready to close this one up soon.

A special thanks to our sellers, Adrian & Nicole, who have been absolutely amazing to work with. Thanks to the Arbitrage Concierge Service, our entire crew went through this property to help make it as “turn-key” as possible. Our sellers didn’t have to pay a single dime of it!

The result — well, we’ll let it speak for itself!

Also, last week, a Realtor phones me and asked, “Hey Albert, how did you sell that home so quickly? We haven’t had any showing in the last 2 weeks on our own listing and my sellers are beginning to get nervous!” My first response to them was, “What system do you have in place?” It’s astonishing how many don’t have a game plan and have no way of measuring results. At Arbitrage, we’ve created an intense follow up system and make this mandatory for each one of our listings!

Thanks again for another record sale!