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SOLD In Only 1 DAY – At FULL Price! — Neighboring Listing Agonizes For 75 Days And $110,000 Less!

When our seller came to us for help, she was extremely concerned with how the neighbors home would affect the sale of her property.

I actually met with the other neighbor a few months back, went over my entire game plan, pricing strategy, and marketing tactics. Unfortunately, they listed the property with another Realtor. They not only listed the property for a higher price than what I suggested, they also began making multiple price reductions thereafter. They not only went lower than what I suggested, they kept going lower and lower and ended up selling their home for $110,000 less than what they started. This made many nearby homeowners very aggravated to say the least – especially my seller.

My seller didn’t want to hear the whole “song and dance” of listing at certain price and then negotiating (or making reductions). She was realistic, and just wanted to know what the right price was going to be to get her home sold through the holidays. We did just that!

In only 1 day, we not only found the perfect buyer, we had her home sold for the price that she wanted and had the smoothest escrow possible.

I thank our seller and our buyers for their committed loyalty and trust and congratulate each one of them for their sale and purchase. I also thank you for helping us develop such a large database of ready, willing and able buyers so that we don’t experience what the neighbor went through after 75 days of agony.

If you would like to hear either side of their story, they’d be delighted to share it with you some day.

P.S. — Yesterday we finally found out that we’re having a GIRL in May!!! — Can’t wait!