Zestimate Challenge

I will beat Zillow's price

...or pay you up to $10,000!*

*Certain restrictions may apply.

Think Zillow knows the Glendale real estate market better than I do? Let's take the challenge! In the recent years, we have repeatedly outperformed Zillow's so-called "Zestimate." In fact, we've done it a countless number of times! Now, we're willing to put our neck on the line to prove to you that we're more accurate than the generic algorithm most people think is precise. Interestingly, even Zillow admits that their Zestimate is not as accurate as most may think.

With my unique challenge, if my target pricing is off, you have up to $10,000 to gain and a heck of a LOT MORE if I'm right! It's a WIN WIN opportunity for any seller that's serious about working with us!

If you notice, we're the ONLY brokerage offering to take this risk. Why? Because I've been in the real estate business much longer than Zillow and know Glendale like the back of my hand while enjoying both the community and the neighbors since 1974!

Simply enter your information above to learn more about my challenge and to discover the true and accurate way to value a property in any given year or market condition!

Albert M. Hairapetian

DRE #0121338 & #01305995



"It is an absolute pleasure to work with Albert at Arbitrage and it always feels like you are dealing with a trusted friend. No matter the question you may pose to him, be assured that he will provide one or two solid responses to facilitate your business decisions. I have always left our conversations with plenty of good information and a great laugh or two!"

-- M.D.


“I couldn’t ask for a better real estate agent. Albert was not only extremely knowledgeable in real estate, he was able to help recommend some things for me to do to increase my property value. With Albert as my real estate agent, I was able to sell my house in less than 6 days. I would strongly recommend anyone looking to sell or buy a house to go to Albert Hairapetian. You will not be disappointed.”

-- K.S.


"What a pleasure working with Albert and his team. They were to the point. Professional. Took care of my clients superbly. Referring a broker business could be very scary because for their wrong doing we get the bad review as well. However closed eyes I will refer Albert business over and over. He holds high ethical values. Is quick. Always a step ahead. And a great listener."

-- A.S.