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Our buyers stole this home for $200,000 UNDER value!

Can't find a good deal? Ask our buyers about theirs. At Arbitrage, we take great pride in helping our buyers get the right deal at the right time. We don't waste our time (and theirs) showing homes that are just lingering on the MLS. Let...

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Another Excited Family Started Packing Last Week!

We've got another home in escrow... and I owe it all to you! Thanks to our network of buyers, fans, Realtors, and friends, we were able to successfully track down the perfect buyers for this home. All contingencies were removed quite smoothl...

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Frustrated Sellers Turn to Albert!

  This particular story is pretty damn cool... When the sellers of this home called us, they were frustrated. They had this home previously listed for $999,000 with 2 Realtors. When Albert had the chance to visit this property, h...

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Sheridan Road Satisfied Sellers

  "Selling a home can be an absolute roller coaster ride of emotions, I have to say Albert made that roller coaster ride a fun one! After being in the business for over 20 years the level of confidence and professionalism he puts...

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Past Buyers Turn Satisfied Sellers!

4 years ago these two came to us to purchase one of our listings. Today they cashed out at $1,400,000 while smiling all the way to the bank with an off market sale with a buyer we were fortunate to represent as well. Thank you Cesar &...

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The Arbitrage Team’s Newest Asset

Here we GROW again.... I'm pleased to announce the latest addition to "The Team.” Jonathan (aka Johnny) brings incredible talent, perseverance, ideas and an attitude that'll entertain you the moment you meet him. He has joined Arbitrag...

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